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Book: Singing from the inside out (ENG)


A practical guide for the expressive singer

By Ineke van Doorn


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Singing from the inside out, exploring the voice the singer and the song

is a 292-page book, that covers all aspects of singing technique, studying, live performances, and auditions in the genres of pop, jazz, (hard) rock, R&B, country, folk, musical, reggae, ska, and so on. It is a practical and easy-to-read handbook for both beginners and advanced singers; full of exercises, handy tips, and crystal-clear explanations. This also makes the book an ideal teaching aid for singing coaches.


• Get to know your own voice

• Control your breathing

• Work on your singing technique

• Put together your own repertoire

• Read why and how you need to study

• Learn the essentials of music theory

• Become skilled at improvisation and variation

• Learn to make the most of your microphone

• Make an impression during auditions

• Conquer your stage fright

• Discover how to dress and present yourself properly

• Learn how to do well in a studio or during a session

• Get the most out of yourself during a live performance

• Learn how to handle mistakes

• Keep your voice in top condition


This book has been published in January 2016 and can be ordered here.

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Publisher —Artez Press

Distribution — Idea Books

Design: Hans Gremmen / 21x29,7cm / 292 pages /
ISBN 978-94-91444-26-5 /
40,95 euro