Lectures, masterclasses & publications


Lectures & masterclasses

2020 Keynote masterclass and lecture at Eurovox, Edinburgh (UK) Cancelled due to Covid-19

2019 Workshop at the Institut Kesenian, Jakarta, Indonesia

2019 Lecture/workshop on breathing for pop/jazz singers at at the International Jazz Voice Conference IJVC, Helsinki (Fi)

2019 Lecture on teaching jazz & pop singing for EVTA-Be, Antwerp (Be)

2018 Keynote masterclass on the art of duo-playing with guitarist Marc van Vugt at the international voice congres Eurovox in The Hague, The Netherlands

2018 Artist-in residence in Canada at the University of Toronto and Capilano University Vancouver, and masterclass in Selkirk College Nelson.

2017 Lecture-concert on the art of duo-playing with guitarist Marc van Vugt at the International Jazz Voice Conference IJVC, Helsinki (Finland)

2017 Keynote masterclass on jazz singing at the International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT) in Stockholm

2017 Lecture on 'Breathing for pop and jazz singers' at the International Congress of Voice teachers (ICVT) in Stockholm

2016 Lecture-workshop at the Amsterdam Conservatory -Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 Masterclasses in Canada; Humber College-Toronto, University of Toronto - Toronto, Capilano University- Vancouver, Carleton University-Ottawa

2016 Lecture and masterclass jazz singing - Annual meeting of the AFPC (French teachers of singing) Lille, France (in French)

2016 Lecture-masterclass at RAMA Conservatory - Aalborg, Denmark

2016 Lecture on teaching pop and jazz singing at the Healthy Voice Conference in Deventer (NL)

2016 Lecture on 'Singing technique for pop and jazz singers' at the first meeting of pop and jazz singing teachers in the Netherlands, ArtEZ Arnhem

2015 Lecture - concert on teaching singing technique to jazz singers at the first International Jazz Voice Conference IJVC, Helsinki (Finland)

2015 Keynote lecture on teaching pop- and jazz singing at Eurovox, Riga (Latvia)

2014 Lecture on ‘Teaching pop and jazz singing in the Netherlands’ at the Leo Sings Conference in Aalborg, Denmark

2013 Lectures on the different methods and opinions on breathing for singers for the Dutch Singing Teachers Association and for Speech therapists S- Holland

2013 Lecture at the Prins Claus Conservatory, Groningen on the history of methods of singing for pop and jazz singers

2012 Guest teacher and lecture on singing methods at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul (MN), USA

2011/2013 Lectures for Nascholing Zangdocenten on Breathing, Singing methods in the 21st century, Anatomy and fysiology of the voice, Singing with power / belting/sound.

2009/2010 Lectures on the book Professioneel zingen voor iedereen


During international tours Ineke taught masterclasses on jazz singing in Japan, Canada and as a duo with guitarist Marc van Vugt in Indonesia. In The Netherlands Ineke taught masterclasses for the Dutch Voice Teachers Association and at most of  the Schools of Music (Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, The Hague, Zwolle, Arnhem and Enschede). Subjects: playing in a duo, singing technique for pop/ jazz singers, improvisation, interpretation.



2017/18 Columns for Zing Magazine, Dutch magazine for singers

2016 Publication of Singing From the Inside Out, Exploring the Voice, the Singer and the Song. The English, and updated, version of Ineke's much acclaimed book Professioneel zingen voor iedereen is published by ArtEZ Press.

2009 Publication Ineke’s first book: Professioneel zingen voor iedereen (Strengholt United Media). A 400 page practical guide for jazz and pop singers

2007 Chapter about Scatting for a book about vocal improvisation Published by Swing, the Dutch organisation for jazz education.

2003-2015 Articles for the magazine of the Dutch singing teachers association (NVZ). The articles are on subjects like vocal pedagogy, grunting, voice and  menopause, the relation between reflux and voice problems, and vocal methods. They can be read here.




Pictures by Maarit Kytöharju