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I am very proud that the book is selling in so many countries and being used at Music Education Institutes, Conservatories, and Music Colleges all over the world!



Recommendations for ‘Singing from the inside out: exploring the voice, the singer and the song’


Singing From The Inside Out: Exploring The Voice, The Singer And The Song’ is a unique and refreshing approach to learning and studying the essential ingredients of successful contemporary vocal performance. Ineke Van Doorn’s insights are brilliant, comprehensive and indispensable for all singers in training!

Bob Stoloff


Bob Stoloff is a distinguished vocal teacher throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Bob has published six books on improvisation that are being used all over the world.

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Ineke van Doorn is a singer/teacher who has dedicated 25 years to understanding the human voice and those who perform. Her book, ‘Singing from the inside out' covers subjects from technique to performance; topics that are useful to any singer and teacher of singing. What makes this work unusual is the thoroughness of the writing for learning pop and jazz styles.

I highly recommend Ineke's book."

Meribeth Dayme, PhD


Dr. Meribeth Dayme, Ph.D, FRSA, Director, The Alchemy Programmes, is an exceptional personal performance coach known worldwide for her expertise in the function and use of the human voice. She is a former university professor of singing and anatomy and the author of Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer's Voice and The Singing Book (with C Vaughn). She has given master classes in singing throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


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Je vous présente Ineke Van Doorn, une superbe chanteuse de jazz et enseignante. Je voudrais vous mettre en contact pour le livre qu'elle a écrit et qui a été un succès. Elle cherche à le distribuer en France en français. Je vous la recommande vraiment!

Merci beaucoup,

David Linx


Chanteur, compositeur, enseignant. Nommé Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres par le Ministre de la Culture en France. Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros, Prix du Musicien Européen de l’Académie du Jazz. Prix de l’Adami pour l’ensemble de son oeuvre. David donne régulièrement des masterclasses et enseigne au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles en Belgique.

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hi Ineke,

I think your book title ”Singing from the inside out” is very good. Actually I think this title represents a fundamental approach to music that you have in common with me, Jim and other people who are changing the perspectives in choir music.

Peder Karlsson (June 2016)


Peder Karlsson was a member of Swedish a cappella group The Real Group 1984-2010, project leader of The Real Group Festival in 2008 and 2012 and Musical director of XXL vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile, Slovenia, 2011-2014. Peder teaches vocal ensemble methodology and rhythmic choir creative leadership at Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg&Aarhus (RAMA) since 2015. Honorary Professor at RAMA since January 15th 2016.

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About 'Singing from the inside out'

This comprehensive book for professional pop and jazz singers covers technical, theoretical and stylistic vocal approaches and leaves no question unanswered. It's a great vocal guide for students and teachers alike. I highly recommend this comprehensive and open minded book for pop and jazz singers.

Michael Schiefel

Jazz singer

Professor Jazz Singing at the LISZT School of Music, Weimar, Germany

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Wenige Bücher zum Thema Stimme sind so vielumfassend und für eine so umfangreiche Zielgruppe interessant. Ich finde darin immer wieder nützliche Tips und Informationen, sowohl für die tägliche Unterrichtspraxis als auch für den Methodikunterricht.

Lis Harting

Jazzsängerin, Gesangspädagogin an der Westfälischen Schule für Musik Münster und Dozentin für Methodik Jazzgesang an der Hochschule für Künste Bremen

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St. Paul, MInnesota

March 19, 2011


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Peggy Larson, and I am a voice professor at McNally Smith College of Music, a school for contemporary popular music in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Our school trains students for professions in music performance, recording engineering, composition, and music business. I lived in the Netherlands for twenty-five years where I had a career as a jazz singer and a voice teacher, teaching in the Rotterdam and Arnhem conservatories.


I am writing to tell you about Ineke van Doorn’s book Singing from the inside out: exploring the voice, the singer and the song. This is an amazingly comprehensive and well-written method book for popular singing. The book covers every aspect of voice training for popular genres, including song interpretation, stage presence, music theory, microphone technique and purchasing, as well as many other related subjects.


I do not know of any book in English which presents such a comprehensive guide for singers and voice teachers. This book is a useful handbook for any singer or teacher that may want to have more information about one aspect of her voice or her student’s voice or performance problems. She can easily refer to this book and find many helpful tips to solve a problem, or answer a question. The book can also be used as a training guide, covering each chapter in a step-by-step manner.


Based on Ineke’s many years of professional teaching, the information has been gathered from experience and is presented in a very organized way. The book doesn’t pretend to have discovered the “only” way to train a voice for popular singing as so many methods do, but it does present a very practical, realistic approach to popular singing. It is unpretentious, yet chock full of good ideas and solutions.


This book will inspire singers because the material is presented in a way to make singing well a reachable goal. A singer can see that by paying attention to the many details and aspects of singing -- from tone quality to text treatment to podium presentation -- they can become a better singer. They also see all the attention necessary to becoming a professional singer, so they can understand how much the career demands.


The book is an invaluable source for voice teachers and singers alike, and unmatched in content and quality compared to any voice training book I have yet found in English. Although many books are advertised to train popular singers, we are still sorely lacking good quality methods books for popular singing and this will be an invaluable asset to English speaking teachers and singers.


Respectfully yours,


Peggy Larson

Voice Professor, Mmus

McNally Smith College of Music

St Paul, Minnesota