Workshop-symposium febr 8 & 9, 2016


In order to celebrate to celebrate the publication of Ineke van Doorn's book ‘Singing from the inside out', the ArtEZ School of Music organized a 2 day workshop-symposium in January 2016.


Book launch, symposium & workshops on (teaching) jazz and pop singing

The ArtEZ School of Music is organizing a 2 day workshop-symposium to celebrate the publication of Ineke van Doorn's book ‘Singing from the inside out, exploring the voice, the singer and the song’. The English, and updated, version of Ineke's much acclaimed book ‘Professioneel zingen voor iedereen’ will be published by ArtEZ Press, ArtEZ’s publishing house.


The workshop-symposium features the art of (teaching) pop and jazz vocals, and although the first pop and jazz teachers graduated at the end of the eighties, there is still a lot to explore, experiment, improvise, improve and discuss! The workshop-symposium will offer a platform for singing teachers and students, from all genres, to meet each other. Lectures, a brainstorm, a forum, workshops and a concert are offered to actively explore where we stand today and where we would like to go when it comes to (teaching) pop and jazz singing.



Peder Karlsson (SWE) - Choir leader, a capella mentor

Dean Bowman (USA) - Jazz, rock and gospel singer
Judy Niemack (USA/GER) - Jazz vocalist and improviser
Jaap Blonk (NL) - Vocal artist and free improviser
Martine van der Meulen (NL) - Speech therapist
Marike Jager (NL) - Singer-songwriter


Workshops, brainstorm, forum

Claudia Phillips (FR) - Studio des variétés, Paris - PESM, Dyon
Jolande Geven (NL)- ArtEZ School of Music, Arnhem       
Sylvi Lane (NL) - Amsterdam School of Music
Annemarie Maas (NL) - Utrecht School of Music



Monday february 8th, 2016 10 am - 8 pm

Introduction (Michiel Braam), warming up (Peder Karlsson), lecture (Ineke van Doorn), book presentation, 2 rounds of workshops and lunch, brainstorm, forum, light meal, concert


Workshops, brainstorm and forum with:

Peder Karlsson - Organic choir

Claudia Phillips - Free improvisation for teaching singing technique

Jolande Geven - The Body - the Voice

Annemarie Maas - Practice Imagination

Sylvi Lane - Developing Skills a Singer Needs to Communicate with a Band

Ineke van Doorn - Singing technique for pop and jazz singers


Tuesday february 9th, 2016 10 am - 5pm

Workshops by

Jaap Blonk - Extended Vocal Techniques

Dean Bowman - Gospel and R&B

Marike Jager - Songwriting and performance

Peder Karlsson -Rhythm, Harmony and Body

Judy Niemack - Blues: Interpretation and Improvisation

Martine van der Meulen - Nasality Method by dr. Pahn


More detailed info on the time schedule and the workshops will follow.


Practical information

The workshop-symposium will welcome singing teachers and students (MBO,HBO) from all genres: pop, jazz, classical, musical theatre.

ArtEZ School of Music, Utrechtsestraat 85, Arnhem

Entrance fee
€50,- euro (€25,- euro for students, ArtEZ-students have free entrance)

A lunch and light meal are included

The book 'Singing from the inside out' will be available during the workshop-symposium and can be ordered in advance, click here (signed on request)